When does the site open on race day?

The race site opens at 6am.

Can I pick up my packet on race day?

NO. Due to the complexity of hosting a Triathlon/Duathlon our volunteers will be unable to provide packet pickup on race day. Courtesy bib handouts only for those athletes unable to attend packet pickup the day before. T-shirt not picked up by the end of packet pickup will be forfeited.

Can I register on race day?

NO. The last time to register is at the packet pick-up the night before, if there are spots left.

Who times the race?

A company called Event-techTiming Group. They do a fabulous job and time some very prominent races held in this country and we are very glad they do our race. We have chosen our timing entity with great care to ensure that your experience is a positive one. Athletes will receive splits for your 3 individual legs of the race as well as your T1 and T2 times (the times in the transition area).

My training is going well/not so well. Is it possible to change races?

Yes. This must be done by 6pm at the latest on Saturday at the packet pickup. This CANNOT be done on race morning.

I am interested in the Triathlon. Can you tell me more about the swim event?

Due to safety issues we will have three start times with the swim event. This is a wade-in start. Male participants will start promptly at 8:00 a.m., Female participants will start at 8:05 a.m. and relay and all other participants will start at 8:10 a.m. We encourage all participants with a time greater than 15 minutes for the half mile to start at 8:10 a.m.

What are the distances in the Triathlon?

The Triathlon consists of a 2.9 mile kayak, 15 mile bike ride, 5k run.

What are the distances in the Duathlon?

The Duathlon consists of a 5k run, fifteen mile bike ride, 5k run.

I am entered in the race but because of an injury cannot compete. Can I defer my participation to next year or get a refund?

Sorry, but no.

I registered today for the race. When will I receive notification of acceptance?

If you registered online this is your notification. (It would be best to print this to be safe in case there are any computer glitches.)

Where is Packet Pickup on Saturday?

At St. Mary’s Conference Center just inside the front lobby. This is 4-8 pm. St. Mary’s Conference Center is located at 2825 5th Avenue.

How do I become a volunteer?

Go here and fill out the application. You can also contact anyone involved in the race organization. All volunteers get a great t-shirt. We like to have volunteers pair up also for safety reasons as well as social reasons, so sign up your friend.

Is there a drop off zone for bikes the night before the Triathlon?

Yes. You may drop off your bike the night before at the bike transition area at Harris Riverfront Park. We will have security from 6:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m.

Is there parking at the race site?

Yes. But please arrive before 7am to take advantage of that. There is plenty of parking in the first tier of the Harris Riverfront Park; just as you enter the 11th Street entrance go right or left and this should be adequate. If there are no spots, then you can go into the 10th Street Entrance or park at the Pullman Plaza parking lot. These other areas are only a quarter of a mile away.

Describe the Transition Area?

This will be a fenced in area restricted to the racers during the race. There will be bike racks set up the night before so you can leave your bikes there between 6 and 9pm if you want. You cannot ride your bike in this area. You walk/jog it to the entrance and make sure you walk over the computer chip timing mat before you get on the bike. Similarly, you must dismount the bike and walk over the mat before entering the transition area on return.

There will be a fenced in area leading to the transition area. This is the official dismount area. Anyone riding there bike in this area will be stopped for the safety of others. It will be only a short 20-30 yards to get to the actual transition area so you will not be delayed long.

Is drafting allowed on the bike?


Can I ride outside of the cones on the bike race course?

No. And you can be disqualified if you don’t follow this rule. The bike course while coned off for the safety of both vehicular traffic and participants is conducted on city streets. The cones are there for everyone’s safety. Riding outside the cones encourages accidents.

What is the minimum age of the Adult Triathlon?

Participants must have reached the minimum age of 18 prior to the day of the St. Mary’s Triathlon to participate.  This rule is mandated by our insurance underwriter.  Athletes who are less than 18 are encouraged to participate in the St. Mary’s Duathlon or may participate in the running/biking segment of the St. Mary’s Triathlon Relay.  Athletes discovered participating in the Triathlon or the swimming segment of the Triathlon relay who are less than 18 years of age will be disqualified.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause but this rule is based on safety and our ability to obtain insurance coverage.

Will you ship awards?

NO. Athletes must be present or have made arrangements to pick up their awards. We will not be responsible for shipping or transporting awards after the conclusion of the St. Mary’s Triathlon/Duathlon.

Why is the registration so expensive to compete in the St. Mary’s Triathlon & Duathlon?

We understand the need to keep the registration costs for our events as low as possible because of the economics and as prices have risen the cost to register for the St. Mary’s Triathlon & Duathlon has not risen in the past three years. Insurance for the St. Mary’s Triathlon is very expensive but a necessary evil.

We also work very hard to bring you a quality event that provides you with a tec t-shirt, a fantastic give-a-way for everyone, great food at the finish line, a quality medal upon completion, overnight security at Harris Riverfront Park, a timer that routinely works at some of the nation’s largest marathons and triathlons, Blenko’s awards, professional fire and police supervision, Coast Guard supervision on the Ohio River.

To host a quality event with the amenities that I have outlined above does increase the registration fees but I hope that you believe the experience in competing in the St. Mary’s Triathlon & Duathlon is worth the investment.

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