St. Mary’s Triathlon

In addition to the information below, the FAQ section may also help to answer some of the most common questions we receive.

DSC_0403DATE – AUGUST 3rd, 2014 – 8am at Harris Riverfront Park, Huntington, WV

There are 3 races being held:  a triathlon, triathlon relay and a duathlon.

The triathlon has a half-mile swim, 15 mile bike and 5k  run.  This may be done as a relay of 2 or 3 people.  The duathlon has the 5k run instead of the swim.

All races start at 8am and are chip timed.

There will be tech t-shirts for all  participants.   Also we will have  a Dean Ornish spaghetti dinner the night before;  custom made medals;  and awards from Blenko Glass.   There is also an award for the best relay team name (be creative).


This will be a triangle shaped course.  Start at the boat ramp and swim out and slightly upstream to the first buoy about 1/6 mile away;  then head west with the current 1/6 mile then head back to the boat ramp for the last 1/6 of a mile.   We will have many kayaks patrolling the course.  If needed you can hold on to one  but they cannot propel you forward.   The swim event will have three start times.  Male participants will start at 8:00, female participants will start at 8:05 and relay and all other participants will start at 8:10.  We encourage all participants with a swim time slower than fifteen minutes to start with the third wave.


Leaving Harris Riverfront Park turn right and go down to 12th St. West and turn left and go south to 5th Avenue and then turn left which is east.  Stay in the left lane.  Go east to 24th Street and then turn left (north) the turn left at 3rd Avenue and go west.   You will stay in the left lane until about Hal Greer Blvd and we will direct you to the north side of the street.  Bear right by the post office to go back to the park.   There will be 2 loops.  For the fastest athletes it will be possible that slower athletes will merge in to you as they emerge from the park.  Be careful.  After the second loop go into the park.   Dismount at the dismount line!   Someone will be there to tell you this.  There is no riding in the transition area.


For the duathlon, there are 2 run legs (before and after the bike).

For the triathlon and the duathlon the course is simply to head west leaving the park .   Go west for 1.2 miles approximatelyand turn back around at first street.   You will re-enter the park and head west and make a loop in the park and ultimately head along the river to the finish which will be very close to the boat ramp where it all started.


The awards are made by Blenko Glass!   Age groups are for male and female every 10 years in the triathlon and duathlon as well as Clydesdale and Athena in the triathlon.   Relay awards are for first 3 teams in female, male and mixed.

Registration for St. Mary’s employees  is  best done on line this year.   Make sure you bring a St. Mary’s ID at packet pickup since this is how you take advantage of the reduced entry fees.

TRAVEL INFORMATION:   The race starts and finishes at Harris Riverfront Park in downtown Huntington along the Ohio River.   There is plentiful parking and if by some chance we run short at the park there are parking garages across the street.